23 January 2012

Time Warp

I could have a baby within the next seven days. Holy. Cow. Or this baby could decide that he is perfectly content in there and stay for 2 weeks longer. I didn't feel like including my puffy face in this one. I've had enough ugly pregnant photos taken (i.e. new ID cards) to last me a lifetime.

Time is both flying and dragging. Reasons:


  1. I am already 39 weeks pregnant. 
  2. We have almost been living in Minot for a year already. Never thought that phrase would come out of my mouth. Ugh...Minot.
  3. Did I mention I'll be having a baby soon? I still can't wrap my head around it. 
        1. I still have one more week before I meet my baby.
        2. Um...reason #1 is pretty much the only reason right now to why I feel time is dragging. 9 months of pregnancy is a long time, let me tell you. 
Speaking of pregnancy being nine months long, you would think that it would give you adequate time to prepare and get used to the idea that the alien movements that you are feeling in your stomach are actually going to turn into a real life child some day. For some reason I just still have to grasp the idea that soon I'll have a baby in my arms, instead of in my stomach. It's a weird feeling. I am baking a kid in there. You can buy diapers, crib, butt paste...everything that you need that would suggest, Hey -- there is a baby coming soon. But it still is a crazy notion. And I thought my 38 week paranoia was bad.

Finally finished up the baby's room. It was pretty much finished already, I just had been using the crib as a place to store things that hadn't been put away yet. My mother made the amazing crib bumper (*gasp* I know, crib bumper...get over it)!

 I finally found a 20 quart stock pot and finished boiling pre-folds. Thank goodness. This one fit at least 6-8 a time, which is way better than the 3 that I had been using previously.

 Now to look like a crazy pregnant person, I spent the day half an hour googling how to fold the pre-folds and practicing them on poor Gentle Giraffe. Now Gentle Giraffe has a huge bum, so it made the practice interesting. Here he is wearing a newborn diaper cover and pre-fold, and of course Athena had to get in on the action.

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