19 May 2012

Pinned there, done that.

I, like so many others, have an addiction to Pinterest. When a friend of mine first introduced me to this magical site, I was a non-believer. To me, it was stupid and I could easily just bookmark something I liked...why would I want to pin it? I just didn't understand.


Currently: I have 12 boards with 395 pins. Correction...396 pins. I just pinned the above picture. 

My biggest board is for recipes, because let's face it, I'm a fat kid at heart. I love to cook and Pinterest is a superb way to find new recipes that I never would have found before. Heck...I even cooked with lentils tonight. LENTILS. 

So with 396 things pinned, I really haven't done that many of them (except for recipes). That is going to change. I am going to try to actually do the things that I pin, instead of just pinning them and letting them collect dust. Then I will do my best to document on here. I'm hoping that not only will this help me to be more creative, but it will also occupy my time while I stay at home with Roman. 

Let us begin:

I hate cleaning my shower. Well, cleaning in general isn't really a party, but cleaning the shower is my least favorite. To me, it should be self-cleaning. It cleans you, so why can't it clean itself? 

According to wikipedia, soap scum is "an informal term for the white solid that results from the addition of soap to hard water." 

Learn something new every day, right? So through a friend...I forgot, you can also follow what your friends pin...I found a pin that talked about an amazing way to remove soap scum from the glass doors of your shower. And it was super simple.

I purchased a large squirt bottle from Wal-Mart for 97 cents. You also need vinegar and the blue Dawn dish soap. Why it has to be blue, I don't know. Maybe I'll learn that in another pin sometime. What you want to do, is take 1 part vinegar (I used 1 cup) and stick it in the microwave for two minutes. 



Add that into the squirt bottle. Next, you also need one part blue Dawn. Add that into the squirt bottle and shake it up. Done. You have your homemade miracle shower cleaner. And from what I read, once it has been heated up you don't have to heat it every time you use it. 1 cup of each was plenty and left me with a good amount after I was done spraying.

All you need next is a scummy shower...luckily I just had to walk into my bathroom to find one.
BEFORE - Hello soap scum.

Just spray your shower door down and let it sit. I left it for two hours. If your bathroom has a window, I recommend opening it so the vinegar smell has an avenue for escape. It did get a little stinky.

AFTER - two hours later, Hello Burt's Bees.
Amazing, right?

Cleaning the shower might be fun after all now. Well...maybe.