08 October 2012

SEW WHAT, I'm still a rockstar!

Courtesy of my wonderful husband and mother, I received my very own sewing machine for my 28th birthday. As a youngster, my mother sewed EVERYTHING. Our clothes, Halloween costumes, Barbie clothes...you name it. She is very good at sewing, as was my grandmother. I, however, am pretty sure I received a very dismal grade on my sewing project in Home Ec. during middle school. I decided sewing was not for me.

Then I got addicted to cloth diapering.

And I wanted to SEW ALL THE THINGS!

How does cloth diapering make a person want to sew? Well, it started out with wipes. When Roman was first in cloth diapers, we were using disposable wipes since we already had them. For some reason, the thought of using cloth wipes grossed me out. I have no idea why. The concept is the same as a cloth diaper. Poop and pee on a diaper is still poop and pee on a wipe. So I decided to order some on Etsy. Seriously...some people need a punch in the face to bring them back to reality for how much they are selling their wipes. Unless it wipes my baby's rear for me while I'm kicking back, sipping my coffee -- I'm not giving you $938 (slight exaggeration) for two wipes. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Anyways, so I bought some wipes. They were cute and worked extremely well. I also don't feel bad when I have to use 175 wipes during one diaper change. Going green for the win!

I realized I could sew my own wipes. I borrowed a sewing machine from a friend and asked my mom for help. 
9 months pregnant and SEWING WIPES. SO EXCITED!
They did not turn out very good. Whatever tutorial I had pinned on Pinterest (CURSE YOU BAD PIN!) did not mention that flannel frayed. I had no idea. 


Then I learned and made better wipes. Another wipes post will come another day. For right now, this whole post was building up to....this:

I am so proud of myself. I have no idea if it will hold up in the wash, but the fact that I made this is awesome. I feel accomplished. Booyah! 

Also, can you tell I'm obsessed with damask? LOVE IT. 


  1. OMG Jaime I love it! Have I mentioned how much I love you?

  2. Damask is sexy :) Nicely done!

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