03 October 2012

It's not a marathon, it's a sprint.

Or at least it seems that way, right?! That is a picture of my baby. "Walking" with his little wheelie-walker-thing (I have no idea what it is really called) -- he just turned 8 months on the 26th. Next thing you know, I'll be taking him to his first day of school. Snapping photos of him and his date before prom. Giving him away at his wedding.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Breathe...just breathe. It's true though. If you would have told me while I was pregnant, when I felt like time was moving along at a snail's pace,  that my little baby would be changing, learning, and experiencing all these new and amazing things so quickly...I would not have been able to understand. I totally get it now...once you pop that kid out, life moves at warp-speed.  

Even in the last week, so much has changed. He amazes me more and more each day. His personality is coming out more and more. His desire to experience the world around him, is just as exciting to me as it is for him...although I don't think he is having quite the heart attack I am when he does something that causes him to stumble or fall onto his rear. 

And boy, can he be such a stinker! He'll start crawling towards something that he probably shouldn't be getting into and as I'm calling to him to stop, I swear he turns to me...and SMILES. Then he continues, locked on target until I pick him up. 

I could get super corny at this point, extremely sentimental and cliche. But you have to admit that it is true what is said: being a parent is one of the most amazing things that I will ever be able to experience. And as fast as life is moving, I am truly happy to be along for the ride.

Also, in case you weren't aware:

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  1. I love Roman!

    Also, I laughed out loud at the October 3rd gif. And I've seen it 89823948 times.