08 January 2012

37 weeks...it's the final countdown.

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant. Depending on who you ask, this is considered full-term. Or 29 weeks is. Or 40. Who knows. All I know, is that in three weeks I will have my baby here. Unless of course he decides to come early or would like to stay in and cook a little longer. The cooking longer part is just fine with me. So let's just say by Valentine's Day we will have a newborn around the house.

Yay pregnancy! Here is my most recent bump picture, it was taken in the middle of last week, so not quite technically 37 weeks yet. I feel like I look incredibly tired...which I am.  Turning over in bed has become an Olympic Sport. Exhausting. We are getting very anxious for this little one to arrive! Right now it is comparable to being in some sort of purgatory. You wait and wait...9 months of waiting! Car seat base is in the car, clothes are washed, nursery is ready, diapers are prepped. Oh, did I mention we are doing cloth diapers? Hahaha...this should be interesting. You get everything ready for baby, and then you play the waiting game. All the while, little one is perfectly content inside my ute beating me up from the inside out.
 I love him already.

I also have a black eye in this picture, but you can't really see it. Thankfully it was only on my eyelid, so I could hide it with make-up. It was given to me by one of my dogs.

Yep, this little angel, Athena, bruised and battered my face.

This is what happened -- As stated before, I'm 37 weeks pregnant. So the nesting phase has definitely kicked in. Last weekend I am doing laundry. Boy, do I hate laundry. Yet love it at the same time. Weird. Anyways...down to the last load. Finally! I tend to toss dirty dishcloths down the stairs so they land on the floor in front of the laundry room so there were a couple laying on the ground for me to bend down and pick up. Apparently this was a secret signal to Athena.
 Bending over for rags = time to race up the stairs at full speed. 
Except...my face was in the way. Holy pain, I tell you. Stars dazzled my eyes. As did tears. My wonderful husband hugged me until I stopped crying then got me some tylenol. I love that man. So that is the story of my black eye. Silly puppy.

Later today I am going to attempt to bake a cake. From scratch. Pregnant fat kids unite!

Yeah, yeah -- my presentation leaves something to be desired. It's a work in progress, ok? This cake was amazing, by the way. As you can see by that sizeable portion that is missing. I cheated on the frosting though, I only made powdered sugar frosting and added a couple tsp of cocoa powder. I didn't feel like buying the chocolate it called for. 

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