09 January 2012

SrA Haswell has left the building!

Today was my last day of work. What a strange and exciting...and downright terrifying feeling. Going to my final-out appointment on the 20th will probably give me a stroke. But I promise you...
So stop asking me, "Are you sure you want to get out?" If you had any part in the payment of our family's bills or in the raising of our son, then perhaps I would take your unwelcome advice and questioning into consideration...but you do not. Therefore: butt out! 

What am I talking about, you ask? When you are pregnant, the Air Force is kind enough to give the mother the option of separating early. I still have 3 more years in my contract as of December 9th, but now that I am pregnant I have chosen to take the option of separating. Done. Clean split. Bye bye, Security Forces! Now, don't get me wrong. I did not take this decision lightly. In fact, it took pretty much up until the first week of December to finally make the decision. I talked with two Air National Guard recruiters, and would have talked to the Reserve recruiter had she bothered to email me or call me back. In the end, it was a simple question: What is the best decision for our family? Faced with two AD Security Forces members, one with the worst schedule on the planet (that would be my husband's) and my schedule of 4 days in the field, it made it an easy choice. I refuse to let a babysitter raise our child -- and basically go to work JUST to pay for child care. 

While this decision may not be best for everyone, it certainly is for me. Things will be tight for awhile just living on one paycheck, but knowing that either my husband or I will be home every single night with our child makes that decision simple to live with. 

Now begins the out-processing! 

When I got home I celebrated by taking a nap. And it was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. Then I made dinner:

I love this lady. Not only can she make a fantastic recipe, but is very entertaining. Here are some photos of my creation:

Yeah, this looks pretty gross, I know. It's my fault for not reading the directions when I was meal planning. I did not have whole milk--or any milk for that matter. What I had was leftover BUTTERMILK from yesterday's magical cake adventure. So I used a cup of that instead. 
 A bowl full of Kale. Never in my life have I purchased kale before this recipe. To me, it was known as the garnish used when I worked at Texas Road House..."each plate is finished with a golf-ball sized piece of kale"
 The finished product! I turned the heat up too high, so it sort of coagulated the buttermilk/half & half. Oh well. I'm on my second bowl. It is delicious. So I assume that made correctly, like The Pioneer Woman intended, it would be heavenly. Take that Olive Garden!

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