07 January 2012

And today I begin...

Right. Ok. I have no idea how to blog. I can't even keep a diary/journal, because I will write something in it and then later I'll realize what a moron I sound like and tear the page out. So this should be fun. We'll see how long it lasts.

I guess I could start with some sort of mini-intro. So I'm pregnant with my first child. I belong to a group of other women on FB (originally started on thebump.com) where quite of few of them have blogs. I read through a couple and thought, "Hey...maybe I could do that". Soon I'm going to be at home with a newborn, what better way to document the daily happenings of the life I lead. Once again...we shall see how long this lasts. File this one under "Maybe Boring".

But hey, I have a fantastic digital camera and a newly gifted (thank you to the fam) video camera that I am going to try to put to good use. I have two idiotic, never tired huskies that are extremely entertaining. Plus a future outside baby.

Let's take it one day at a time.

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