14 January 2012

Two weeks to go.

Why do people feel the need to insert their random pregnancy comments into any situation when there is a pregnant woman involved? I spent three days in a briefing about Transition Assistance, which basically was a workshop for interviewing skills, resume writing, and some random knowledge that would have been helpful if I were getting out as a disabled veteran. The interview and resume stuff will actually be helpful some day down the line when I need to go back to work.

Also...individual leading class referred to a stay at home mom as a "Domestic Engineer". Totally going to try that one on my next resume.

Anyways, my being pregnant came up randomly way more than it should have. On day one, it was used by my mini-group as an example of what NOT to get out of the class -- Child Birth. It was even written on the board. Ugh. I don't know why these people thought I was going to go into labor righthatsecond. But they did.

Throughout the three day period, one extremely moronic man...you know the type I'm talking about -- the one that feels the need to insert a comment all the time and must think he is the most hilarious person on Earth. Yeah...that guy felt the need to tell me every single day not to go into labor. Why? Because he didn't want to get his catcher's mitt and help deliver a baby. Let me tell you something, sir...you are in no way getting close to anything related to the birth of my child. Delusional idiot. On the last day, with two whole hours to go, he tells me that I just have to keep the kid in until the end, and after that "I don't care if you go into labor." Nice dude. Real stinkin' nice. I don't care if you fall and slip on the ice when you leave the building.
People are dumb. D-U-M.

So, crabby pregnant lady rant over. I will be 38 weeks tomorrow. I have no signs that the baby will be coming any earlier than his due date, despite what people say and I am definitely ok with that and prefer that he stay in until then. However, I am getting to that extremely uncomfortable point where this little boy would be doing be a HUGE comfort-related favor by exiting my uterus. 

Lately I had been having cravings for cinnamon-sugar doughnuts. Which is awesome, because this whole pregnancy I have been plagued with the feeling of having a craving but never being able to figure out what the craving was actually for.  Which is REALLY annoying! 

So, not one to deny an actual make-able craving....I made some doughnuts. (And yes, I can convince myself they were better for me because I baked them.) 

Never in my life have I purchased shortening. I sort of felt myself getting fatter as I added it to my cart.

The three stage process:
 1. Roll into ball. 
2. Dip ball in butter. 
3. Roll buttered ball in cinnamon sugar goodness.

Right before baking. Size was not an issue here. The freakishly large 
one in the corner I attempted to fill with blackberry jelly per my husband's request. 

End result...ummm.....not really sure what happened? 
Totally not shaped like the doughnut hole/bite it was supposed to be. 
Actually more scone-ish than doughnut-ish. 
They were still very tasty and are no longer in existence. 

I kind of want to make some more right now. As a note, the recipe did call for 1 cup of crushed crisp rice cereal. I was not about to buy a whole box of rice crispies for one cup. So this part got left out, which could be why they were so droopy. That's my rationalization. It's not because I'm not that good of a baker. 

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